Marianna and Stanislaw Augustyniak lived in Opatówek village, where during summer they hosted visitors. Before the war, their house was frequently visited by Jewish family of Huberman – owners of pharmacies in Kalisz.

When during the occupation the situation of the Jews became dramatic, Hubermans asked Augustyniak for help and shelter. The family agreed for that. Mrs. Huberman brought with her son Izydor and a four years old niece: „Because Agustyniak family had two apartments and a loft, they placed them in a prepared room over the attic. It was the part near the chimney, where the roof was slopped on both sides.”1.

It was not a comfortable hideout, but could save the lives of three innocent people. Augustyniak family gave the Jews food and regularly took out the bucket of fecals. The situation was ever harder as for most of the year in one of their apartments stayed German woman with her child.

Marriage made for Mrs. Huberman fake ID. When Marianna received the photo from a photographer the neighbor of Augustyniaks noticed the picture and recognized Jewish women that was coming to them as a tourist before the war. Despite denials of Marianna, he didn’t believe her. In fear of the decompile, it was decided to find other shelter for Jewish family.

During the night Augusyniak’s escorted Mrs. Huberman with her son. She went to the protectorate. It was decided to bring niece of Mrs. Huberman at the specified address: ” At 4:00 a.m. when Mr. Augustyniak drove to work in Kalisz, he put kid in his bicycle basket and hid her in the bag. After 10 km he passed the child to a woman that lived under indicated address.”2.

On the next day to the Augustyniak house came Gestapo. The house was searched, Germans didn’t manage to find anyone


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