– Johnny, it’s ready! – called from the kitchen Marianna, who had just finished preparing a meal for the Jews hiding in the forests near the Niska Nasutów village. The roles were usually as follows: she was preparing the meals and he was delivering them. Among the regular recipients was the Jew Rozgold with his son. The Gałats knew them well before the war. One day in November Rozgold came with his son to the Gałats for butter. The next day the situation was repeated – the men appeared again in the Poles’ house. – Can we talk? – Rozgold asked John. – Sure, come in – said the host, looking around the house if nobody is watching them. That evening the Jews did not return to the forest. John arranged a hiding place for them in the barn-chamber and since then the men have started spending most of their time there.

On 19 November 1942 Marianna went to Lublin. John, on the other hand, went to work in the forest, and the Gałatowskis’ children, Helena and Czesław, stayed with Marianna Ozimek, John’s relative. Near the farm, four uniformed Germans passed by. Suddenly, one of them shouted: „Hey, look, it’s the Jews strolling there.” There were indeed Rozgolds in front of the barn. The Germans did not need much time. After a short while, both men were lying dead. The uniformed men broke into the Gałats house in search of the other fugitives. As they found no one, they returned to the barn, set fire to it with all the livestock and went to the sawmill where John Gałat worked. They arrested him and hung him the next day.