Smoke, bang and that dramatic moment of silence – when a bullet-reached man is gone… This is how on December 10, 1942, in front of his desperate father, twenty-year-old Władek, an ordinary Polish boy, partisan, resident of Wola Przybysławska (lubelskie province), died. His only fault was that he helped Jewish families hiding in the nearby forest. He provided them with food and weapons. Having heard about it, the German soldiers set off to search the forest. The uncovered dugouts together with people inside them blew up. Soon afterwards, they went to Władek’s house to „administer justice” to him as well. The boy managed to hide. He knew, however, that if the Germans got angry, that he wasn’t there, they would set the house on fire and kill the whole family. Wanting to save his loved ones, he came back. The Germans captured him and his father and drove him to the truck. They threw them out in the yard of a house. There – as Władek’s sister’s grandson tells us – „they beat him until he lost consciousness, and when he lost it, they poured water on him. And so over and over again…. It all happened in front of his father, who was thrown in his face by one of the Germans: „Do you see how you raised your son?!”. Finally, tired of the cruelty, they let him go to escape. But how could an exhausted and beaten man do that?… After a few steps of his, they shot him in the back.